Thursday 26 February 2009

Sock Worship: Princess Roxy

If you think Spitboy has encountered torment before then you haven't seen anything yet. Princess Roxy is the queen of torture and she does everything to put the helpless little spit in his place. She makes him eat her feet, socks, and toothpaste aftermath. He becomes her human receptacle and he might just love every twisted moment of it.

Wednesday 25 February 2009

Sock Worship: Goddesses Stinky Sneakers

Have you ever seen a pretty girl walking around in a pair of well worn sneakers without socks & just knew that if you could sniff her feet & shoes they would be sweaty & stinky? Would it be your ultimate dream come true if she would force you to sniff & lick her sweaty smelly feet & shoes while completely humiliating you? If so - you're going to love this video! This video is 34 minutes of two super hot goddesses with some STINKY feet & shoes forcing this loser to sniff & lick their dirty stinky feet & shoes while completely humiliating him!

Friday 20 February 2009

Sock Worship: Teen Sock Sniffing Fetish

It's a treat to smell her feet...maybe she will give you some toes to ...suck! If your a good boy that is. Sexy Michelle Lynn loves it when men go crazy over her sexy feet...and really loves when they pay extra attention to her smelly you wanna sniff??? Be good to her and she just may let you!